A Brief Introduction Of Madrasa

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficient And Merciful

It is the reality that the Muslims got the blissfulness of Allah till they act according to holy book Quran. They got success on every step. Even the birds and animals of the jungle followed the order of a Muslim man. They sang the song of his ho on his arrival. Withal his arrival considered good for humanity and since he became adorer of deception and lust and make his providence the sensibility, adopt bitterness and decoy. He gave up the behavior and style of the pleasure of existence (S.A.W.), he interrupted in various difficulties. Immorality and botheration became his luck. Even the condition became so worse that he lived far from the soul of Islam. With the depth & decreasing of life, theology, formalism and Islamic life was not in behavior. He was far from these all-Islamic cultures. As a result, the Muslims accepted the slavish life and fell into abyss of abasement and sinking. Its certain result that this slavish dragged out the respect of Islam from the heart of the Muslims. Pudecity of Islam and Religious passions were removed from hearts. The relations of intoxicatingly hero worship of Muhammad S.A.W., attachment with Quran were broken up.
Hence, in such worst condition-the ulema and saints’ sagely brainy and wiseness, aptitude & efficiency and forecasting amain realized these cerebella sinking financially worse situation and accumulative digression of the canton and nation. The treatment of this dangerous and deathblow disease was found in spreading & edition of Islamic education. Men of nation who presented such sacrifice for Islam in spite of his incomplete sinewsofwar did these warriors, iron worked hard for Islam of Muhammad S.A.W. that the history seems not only paralyzed and lack but also restricted. These are the civility and character, hero and inamorata of Muhammad S.A.W., who established the religious institutions and Islamic schools by giving such a lot of sacrifices. As a result, religion Islam seems laster at its genre stage. If these religious & Islamic institutes were not founded, we can say confidently that the condition of the generation would be worse than present. If there were not these religious and Islamic institutes, the organization containing bad thinking and mentality would have success in their aim to destroy Islamic culture and perhaps there would be no real shape and educations of Islam would no remain. Allah may grant his grace. Allah grant the pious to them all who started religious education and spread a great network of Islamic institutes for its conservation and to save Muslims from deflection.
In this chain, your Darul Uloom Husainia , Majeed Nagar Islampur, Distt. Uttar Dinajpur (West Bengal) is one of them. The foundation stone of this Madrasa was kept on 1409 Hz (1989) . In the running session there are total 225 students getting there education of prophet literature and Islam day night living in Madarsa whose all the expenses like food, clothes, medicine etc. are travelled by regarded Madarsa.

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